Puppy Gets Stuck on a Dog Obstacle Course in the Most Adorable Way


To be clear: This puppy trying out an obstacle course failed spectacularly, but the little one did it in perhaps the most darling way possible.

Twitter user Fred Schultz shared a video of the attempt, which as of Friday morning has earned some 3.8 million views. On a leash, the golden retriever puppy negotiates the seven slalom poles easily enough. Great job, buddy!

Then our friend arrives at the hurdle and that’s when things go wrong. The puppy just kind of trips over it—without really attempting a leap—and ends up with their head flat on the ground with the rear legs suspended on the hurdle.

And for about 12 seconds, the puppy can’t be bothered. That’s where they stay, half-hanging on the hurdle, either enjoying the stretch, taking a break, or protesting any future runs through the course—which is what I would be doing.

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Courtesy of Fred Schultz / Twitter

But if you’re laughing too hard at this adorable puppy, remember: This is exactly how you would look if you were asked to run the hurdles at the Olympics. They’re higher than they look. However, dog agility courses are great ways to exercise your pup at home in the yard. It’s a great way to bond with your dogs while helping them expend their rambunctious energy. We have all you need to get started here—just make sure to start with the hurdle at a low height.

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