Meet Milo, the Most Athletic Pomeranian We Know


Milo the fluffy Pomeranian impressed his owners immediately with how easily he took to the agility course near their house. Jenn and Dan, his human parents, love the great outdoors and love going on long hikes—and were initially apprehensive about taking Milo camping and on hikes, but were pleasantly surprised by how well he took to the outdoors!

This little Pom is mostly fluff, and sometimes gets to boast some side-by-side comparisons to clouds and tater tots on his dog mom’s Instagram account. When Milo isn’t zooming around on a two-hour hike or posing for pictures, you can find him wherever Jenn and Dan are—be it swimming in a lake, or simply picking up some groceries at the store. And even though he’s only 9 pounds, Milo has a huge personality and a ton of confidence that his human companions can’t imagine their lives without.

Courtesy of Jenn Neslon

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