10 Amazing Cat Trees You Have to See


If you’re a kitty parent, you know how important your furry friend’s cat tree (also known as a cat condo or cat mansion) is to them—and if you’re a soon-to-be kitty parent, you should add one to your shopping list ASAP.

Not only do cat trees provide your cat with additional safe, vertical territory, but they also:

  • Give them a private, stress-free place to nap and watch birds or people
  • Give them the opportunity to fulfill their natural instincts to climb, jump, and stretch out
  • Give them a designated scratching spot—and protect your furniture from unwanted and unsanctioned scratching
  • Give them plenty of space to relax or exercise without taking up too much space in your home. Most cat trees have a smaller footprint or can be mounted on walls

There are tons of cat trees on the market these days—ranging from modern and minimal to totally tricked out—but we say, if you’re adding another piece of furniture to your house, why not go big? We’ve rounded up some of the most amazing cat trees out there, so you can give your kitty the cat tree of her dreams.

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    Multiple Perch Post Cat Tree

    Multiple cats lounging in a large cat tree.
    @czipper.adri / Instagram

    If you’ve ever wondered what kitty heaven looked like, this cat tree is it. Featuring multiple, cloud-like perch posts, hammocks, and scratching posts, this cat tree can accommodate multiple cats at the same time—and keep them occupied, so they don’t get into fights. Keeping it fight-free is cat heaven for the owners, too, right?

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    Cat Tree Utopia

    Who needs a single cat condo or mansion when you can have an entire kitty city for your cat to reign over? Accommodating multiple cats—or keeping a single cat really, really busy—is easy with all the activities this custom set-up has to offer. They can snooze, scratch, and pose for adorable Instagrams all over this miniature metropolis.

    You can create your own miniature kitty city by combining multiple store-bought cat trees or towers, or by making your own with a few common household items. Start with a few pieces of upholstered plywood, cardboard boxes, and rope (for scratching!), and watch the urban kitty life ensue.

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    Sleek and Tall Cat Tree Castle

    @felineaccessory / Instagram

    Your cat already acts like her royal highness, so why not embrace it? This castle-like cat tree offers her plenty of vantage points to look down upon her kingdom, a fortress to protect her from her enemies (also known as the family dog), and a hammock to lounge in, while her subjects (also known as you) feed her kibble. The royal life, huh?

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    Jungle Cat Tree

    If you’re looking for a wallet-friendly cat tree or just want to help your cat embrace his inner-jungle cat, you’re going to want to check out this do-it-yourself creation. Handmade with branches, rope, covered plywood, and faux greenery, this cat tree is tricked out with all of the features your cat loves—including perches and scratching spots—but is easy on your wallet. In fact, you probably already have most of the supplies in your garage!

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    Mid-Century Modern Cat Tree

    @abroadredhead / Instagram

    If your home is decked out in mid-century modern decor, it only makes sense to buy a mid-century modern cat tree, right? Characterized by clean lines and organic shapes, mid-century modern home decor has dominated the industry since the 1950s—and these days, it’s totally accessible to kitties, too. This cat tree, with its sleek lines and neutral color, would make Frank Lloyd Wright (the father of mid-century modern design!) proud.

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    Multi-Platform Cat Tree

    @tina_lindroos / Instagram

    Your cat’s 3 a.m. hijinks make it sound like there’s a circus going on in your living room, so you might as well give your kitty a solid place to perform. Featuring plenty of platforms, a hammock, scratching posts, and ladder, your kitty can get his acrobatics on at all hours of the night—and then snooze the day away on one of the upholstered platforms.

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    The Lion King Cat Tree

    Remember the iconic Pride Rock scene from the Disney classic The Lion King? Your cat can recreate it every single day with this massive (and super creative!) cat tree. Made from solid wood, it offers kitties plenty of places to romp, scratch, and belt out—err, meow out—“The Circle of Life.” Because this cat tree is so huge, we’d recommend mounting it to both the floor and ceiling. You never know when your cat might have to have a showdown with Scar and his hyenas, after all.

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    Minimalist Cat Tree

    @prince_porter214 / Instagram

    If your cat loves simplistic design, white walls, and IKEA, she just might be a decor minimalist—and this minimalist cat tree can fulfill all of her Scandinavian cat tree dreams. It checks all the boxes for minimalistic design—including a simple, organic color palette and shape—while satisfying her need to scratch and snooze. Add a really expensive kitty drink from a hip coffee shop, and she’ll be set.

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    A Wall-Mounted Jungle Gym for Cats

    bonfirefunds / Pinterest

    If you’re lacking some floor space—and your cat is not lacking in energy—a wall-mounted cat tree might be the perfect solution. With platforms, bridges, ladders, and hammocks, your cat can channel his inner Indiana Jones and leap from mount to mount. You can create your own wall-mounted cat tree with a few common household items or purchase one from your favorite pet retailer. Just be sure to mount each component to a stud in your wall, so they don’t collapse under your cat’s weight. And, of course, watch out for flying kitties when you walk across the room.

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    Where to Find the Perfect Cat Tree

    @heldencat / Instagram

    There are literally thousands of cat trees on the market, so it’s important to identify your cat’s needs, as well as the type of cat tree your space can accommodate. If your cat loves to scratch, choose a cat tree that features multiple scratching posts. Your cat’s nails and your furniture will thank you! And if you don’t have a ton of square footage for a cat tree, consider a wall-mounted system that will save you precious floor space. Fortunately, pre-made and assembled cat trees are easy to find online and at your favorite pet supply retailers.

    If you want to save a few dollars (and flex your do-it-yourself muscles!) creating your own cat tree is much easier than you might think. In fact, you probably have most of the supplies in your garage! Some materials you can utilize in a homemade cat tree include:

    • Cardboard boxes
    • Plywood upholstered with batting and fabric
    • Fleece fabric
    • Rope
    • Pompoms, feathers, or other embellishments

    If possible, use a staple gun to assemble your DIY cat tree—it’ll increase the durability and stability of your cat tree while protecting your cat’s paws from sharp nails and screws. You can also try super strong wood glue, but be sure to let it dry fully before letting your cat play.

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