These 9 Pets Using Treadmills Are All Of Us Trying to Stick to Our New Year’s Resolutions


These 9 Pets Using Treadmills Are All Of Us Trying to Stick to Our New Year’s Resolutions

Sometimes, a treat is all it takes to get motivated. By Paige Mountain January 26, 2023 Advertisement Pin FB More Tweet Email Send Text Message Print dog on treadmill
dog on treadmill Credit: Ksenia Raykova / Getty

Sticking to your fitness resolutions each year is no easy feat. After about a month of going to the crowded gym every day—it's pretty valid to want to quit your goals altogether. 

Whether you're falling behind on your resolutions and need some inspiration to get back on track—or simply just looking for a good laugh, you've come to the right place. While some of these cats and dogs are extremely motivated, others, maybe not so much. However you feel about your fitness goals, these treadmill-using pets are relatable to anyone and everyone trying to stick to their New Year's resolutions.

Treats Are Key


Norman the dachshund seems to know how to get his fitness on. Although he needs a little motivation in the form of treats (very relatable), the tiny but mighty pup does a great job of getting those little legs moving. 



This pair of fit and fab cats are pros at strutting their stuff—turning the treadmill into a full-on catwalk. If only we all could make using the treadmill look so easy. 

Treadmill Obsessed 


Once this cutie realized the treadmill was indeed not a toy launcher, she quickly became a pro and can't seem to stay away. If only everyone could have this amount of motivation—sticking to your resolutions would never be easier. 

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Are We Done Yet?


What starts off with curiosity—ends with regret. After deciding to hop on with their owner to see what this machine is all about—this inquisitive cat does a pretty good job of keeping up. That is, until they get tired and decide the treadmill seems like a good place to plop down and take a cat nap. The kitty quickly gets up after realizing that maybe the moving track actually isn't the best place to sleep and gets right back into the groove.

Treat, Please


While learning how to walk on the treadmill, Papa the miniature poodle seemed like he was getting the hang of it. However, after a short while of trying to walk, the pup decided he was going to take a bit of an easier route. Instead of continuously walking, the resourceful dog decided he was just going to take the treat his owner was luring him with and immediately jump off. Think smarter, not harder. 

Pawsitive Vibes Only


Beanie the cat is getting innovative with the treadmill—even going so far as getting on it from the front and riding it all the way down. While riding the treadmill like an amusement park ride might not be its main purpose, it sure seems to make this feline pretty happy. It's the effort that counts, right? 

Fitness Goals


When it comes to fitness goals, Maslow the corgi is who we all strive to be. Even just a sliver of this pup's determination would be enough to fuel everyone's yearly fitness goals. 

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How Does This Thing Work?


Working out can be confusing. As soon as this cat figures out you just need to walk to stay on the treadmill, they will surely be a pro in no time. 

Treadmill Rocking Chair


These wheel treadmills have gotten pretty popular on social media, and many cats seem to enjoy the thrill of being able to run as fast as they can. However, that is not the case for all felines—including the one in this video, who seems just too tired to work out. The treadmill is not going to waste, though—it seems the cat in the video has found a new favorite resting spot.

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