The 10 Best Unlikely Friendship Stories of 2022 Will Fill Your Heart With Joy


The 10 Best Unlikely Friendship Stories of 2022 Will Fill Your Heart With Joy

From an Australian shepherd meeting whales to an emu and Rottweiler best-friend duo and a banjo-loving fox, these tales top our list. Tracey L. Kelley headshot
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best unlikely friendships of 2022 Credit: Courtesy of williamandteddy / Tiktok

No matter what's happening in the world, we can always rely on the instinctive heart-led kindness of animals. Without a doubt, experiencing darling moments such as when a sweet dachshund tucks in a momma kitty and her babies or a golden retriever takes absolute delight in kissing cows sends our serotonin levels soaring. 

We love all animal unlikely friendship stories but chose just a few of our absolute favorites from 2022 to end the year with a much-needed universal hug. Bring on the happy tears!  

1. Fox Takes a Front Row Seat at a Backyard Banjo Concert

Against a stunning Rocky Mountain backdrop, musician Andy Thorn of the band Leftover Salmon was quite surprised one day when a wild fox appeared to listen to him sing and play. Far from being a fair-weather fan, Foxy, as Thorn dubbed him, frequently visits Thorn's backyard for a new tune. The two are an Instagram sensation now, and Thorn released a fox-inspired album this fall. (Remember: This interaction is quite rare. Don't try to befriend a wild animal, with a banjo or otherwise.) 

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2. Kitty Massages Golden Retriever and We Feel Better


Few of us can resist the soothing comfort of a kitty kneading on our laps. But watching Gregg, a British shorthair furball of love, massage her pup friend Boris while revving the purr motor on high is an ASMR experience everyone can enjoy. 

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3. This Emu and Rottweiler Have a Special Kind of Love


Blue the emu and Ava the Rottweiler are BFFFs (best furred and feathered friends!). Once Blue hatched, Ava was totally smitten, and the two became inseparable. They take walks, play fetch, and even share in zoomie madness together. Their bond is so unique that their mom, Jennifer Walters, is creating a children's book about it. 

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4. German Shepherds Who Love Everybody


Baby birds! Horses! Fancy chickens! Turtles! Snakes! These German shepherds rank high for congeniality, interested in and engaging with every type of creature imaginable. But only a select few can balance on their noses or heads long enough for super adorable TikToks.

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5. Co-Parenting Cat With Puppies Chokes You Right Up


Talk about tying your heartstrings into knots! Momma cat lost her kittens but her nurturing instincts were so strong, she started caring for a litter of golden puppies, essentially co-parenting so Momma dog could get some rest. More than 1 million TikTok viewers and counting have witnessed this tale of motherly love. 

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6. A Chiweenie and Tortoise Playfest


When opposites attract, it's a beautiful thing. Consider Skippy the Chiweenie and Tilly G the tortoise. Skippy has two settings: scamper and wiggle. Tilly G., not so much. Skippy is fond of all the sticks in the land. Tilly G. prefers hibiscus leaves. Yet when you see the two of them together—Skippy bouncing in front of Tilly G.'s steady ambling or sweetly bringing her gifts—there's no denying these two are meant to be lifelong playmates.

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7. A Lamb Who Thinks She’s a Puppy


When wee lamb Beau was rejected by her mother, farm dog Max took her under her, um, paws, and assumed the role of her adopted animal mom. The numerous TikToks posted by human mom Olivia Jane Akers show Beau and Max simply inseparable. More than 15 million people have sighed a collective "Awwwww!" watching the precious sheep and canine grow to be boon companions.

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8. Aussie Makes New Seafaring Friends  

The Australian shepherd is one of the world's smartest dogs, but even young Skipper here must have taken a few beats to process just what the heck was this … this … thing repeatedly rising out of the water. If not for that leash, he probably would have jumped right in to get up close and personal. And maybe we're wishful thinking, but it really seems the whales are saying hello right back to the eager pup.

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9. Haru the Cow and His Canine Posse 

On Amber and Anthony Sullivan-Vo's farm, everyone is welcome, including multiple dogs, foster animals, grazing goats, and Haru, a sweet-natured cow in need of a home. At first quite shy, he's now fond of all his canine siblings, especially Mali, a pit bull who's never had a nuzzle and a cow lick he didn't like. 

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10. A Cute Cat and an Even Cuter Baby. Together. The End.


Do cats love us? Research says yes. However, Teddy, a most adorable white cat, is the only proof we need. The way he dotes on lil' human William—without the lure of treats or toys—shows beyond a doubt that when given the opportunity for gentle, authentic bonding, our pets give of themselves tenfold. We're certain these two will be together for a long, long time. Here, take my tissues! 

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