Watch This Brave Floridian Save a ‘Terrified’ Cat From Raging Hurricane Ian Floodwaters


Watch This Brave Floridian Save a ‘Terrified’ Cat From Raging Hurricane Ian Floodwaters

Mike Ross hiked through knee-high flooding to rescue a cat, who he soon adopted, from the top of an air-conditioning unit. By Austin Cannon September 29, 2022 Advertisement Pin FB More Tweet Email Send Text Message Print man rescuing cat from hurricane
man rescuing cat from hurricane Credit: Courtesy of Megan Cruz Scavo / Twitter

Trudging through knee-high, churning floodwaters, Mike Ross reached his objective in a matter of seconds—an orange-and-white cat perched atop an air conditioning unit as Hurricane Ian raged. 

The 44-second video of Ross stepping up and gingerly gathering the cat has earned more than 3.3 million views on Twitter, where his girlfriend, Megan Cruz Scavo, shared it Wednesday. Ross's mother shot the video, according to The Washington Post.

"Look at Michael, saving the kitty," Marybeth Ross says in the video, rightfully proud.    

Aftering picking up the "terrified" cat, Ross walks back toward Marybeth and safety. Ian rammed into southwest Florida on Wednesday with 150-mph winds and massive storm surges, including near the Ross home in Bonita Springs. 

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Twitter users applauded the dramatic rescue, and more than a few people urged Cruz Scavo to go ahead and marry Ross. 

She later tweeted that the cat, now named Ian, survived the storm despite a close call with a storm surge. The couple is set to keep him as their pet. 

Cruz Scavo also started a GoFundMe drive to help rebuild heavily damaged homes (including theirs) with half the donations going to the Naples Humane Society.

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