Watch This Cat Comfort His Golden Retriever Buddy’s Puppy in Heartwarming TikTok


Watch This Cat Comfort His Golden Retriever Buddy’s Puppy in Heartwarming TikTok

Family knows no species, especially when it comes to Fig the cat.
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cat comforts puppy in TikTok video Credit: Courtesy of hannahcolson / TikTok

I think every family has that one aunt or uncle who just can't wait to tag in and shower every new baby in the family with love. In Hanna Colson's world, Fig fills that role, and Fig takes his job seriously.

But first we meet Olive, Colson's golden retriever. She recently gave birth to what can only be described as a stunning number of pups. When you're a new mom, you do your best to provide your babies with everything they need, but even the best parent needs a little break now and then. Enter Fig.

In Colson's Aug. 1 TikTok, Olive, Fig, and one of Olive's new pups are just sort of chilling on the floor. But suddenly, the puppy is distressed! At what, you might wonder? Who knows! Puppies just do that sometimes. Olive, I'm not going to lie, seems largely unconcerned. Fig, however, is on it.

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Like a flash, the fluffy Burmese and ragdoll mix is on that golden puppy and quickly smothers the pup's cries in a mix of fur, hugs, and cleaning. At first, Olive just looks on, seemingly unsure what to do. When the pup's cries flare up again briefly, Fig reapplies his patented aggressive cleaning strategy, and Olive decides to just wash her paws of the situation and maybe go see what the rest of her basketful of babies are up to.

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As the video—which has been viewed 14.4 million times—comes to a close, Fig watches Olive leave, holding the pup in some kind of adorable Headlock of Love. It's a move we all need from time to time, and this pup is clearly no exception, lying quietly in Uncle Fig's fuzzy embrace.

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