Puppies! Dressed As Sharks! In an Aquarium!


Puppies! Dressed As Sharks! In an Aquarium!

Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo … By Austin Cannon October 28, 2020 Advertisement Pin FB More Tweet Email Send Text Message Print

The good folks over at the Atlanta Humane Society are doing excellent work, helping pets get new homes and offering trap-neuter-return and dog training services. 

But they also deliver another vital resource: that sweet, sweet puppy #content.  

In the latest video, which you can see above, the society’s puppies visit the new shark exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium. They even dressed up as tiny little land sharks who have permission to bite my leg off any time they please. (They also bring to mind a certain earworm that I would urge you not to listen to unless you want to torpedo your workday.) 

Watching the two-minute video, it’s easy to forget that some of the sea’s greatest predators are in the background. It’s much more fun to simply watch the puppies toddle around and sniff the camera. 

These aren’t the first puppies to visit the aquarium. The humane society brought a couple short-legged, long-bodied buddies to see the fish back in March when the COVID-19 pandemic first shut off the aquarium to human visitors. 

Those little ones seemed a bit more interested in the fish, but they also tuckered out and decided to cuddle near one of the tanks, too. A couple weeks later, some kittens visited, catching the eye of an aquarium employee who was feeding the fish.  

Atlanta Humane Society (and any other shelter or rescue with access to an aquarium): Please keep doing this. 

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