These 14 Pets Celebrating Hanukkah Are the Cutest Things We’ve Seen This Holiday Season


These 14 Pets Celebrating Hanukkah Are the Cutest Things We’ve Seen This Holiday Season

Hanukkah is almost here—and these festive dogs and cats are ready for eight nights of celebration. By Paige Mountain December 16, 2022 Advertisement Pin FB More Tweet Email Send Text Message Print dog wearing a Chanukah bandana posing with a menorah
dog wearing a Chanukah bandana posing with a menorah Credit: Courtesy of pretty.girl.aria / Instagram

The holiday season is officially upon us, and it's time for the festivities to begin. Celebrating the holidays with our pets is one of the many joys of life—and these dogs and cats ready for Hanukkah prove our furry family members love to celebrate just as much as we do. 

Whether it's dressing up in festive attire, or simply posing next to dreidels and menorahs—these precious pets clearly enjoy taking part in the Hanukkah fun. You can get your pet involved in the fun, too. Whether it's giving them the perfect gift, throwing a doggy or kitty holiday party, or dressing up in matching sweaters—your dog or cat is sure to enjoy simply spending time with you during the holidays. 

These photos have all the inspiration you need to get your pet involved in the Hanukkah celebration—and if they don't get you in the holiday spirit, we don't know what will.

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Game Time

Shayna Maydele is in full holiday swing, with more than enough dreidels to go around.  We would love to play the classic Hanukkah game with the precious Coton de Tulear. 

Pajama Party

What's cuter than a cocker spaniel wearing pajamas? TWO cocker spaniels wearing pajamas! These cheery cuties are ready for the celebration to begin in their twinning Hanukkah PJs. 

Big Smiles for Hanukkah

Cheese! Lucy's smile is bright enough to bring even the biggest grouch some joy this holiday season. 

Pretty Girl Aria

Posing by a menorah while rocking a Hanukkah-themed bandana, Aria is festive as can be. It's clear how this stylish pup earned her title of "pretty girl." 

Feline Festive

Dogs aren't the only ones having fun this holiday season. Take it from Bailey the cat, who's looking extra festive in her stunning Hanukkah bandana. 

Most Spirited Pup

And the award for most holiday spirit goes to this handsome lad, who clearly makes Hanukkah an extra fun time.

Meowzel Tov

Mazel tov—or should we say meowzel tov! Grizz is looking handsome as ever in his clever bandana. 

An Extra Rosy Holiday Season

Photogenic is Rosy the Cavalier's middle name. Posing exquisitely by the fire with a menorah in tow, this pup has tons of Hanukkah spirit. 

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Happy Harley-Days

What makes this goldador's attire above and beyond? Her customized Hanukkah bandana of course. 

Royal Celebration

Dressed for the occasion, Prince the Siberian cat looks regal as can be.

Hanukkah in the City

Hanukkah bandanas are all the rage—and this one modeled by Ollie is especially cute. The Labradoodle is surely ready to take on the holiday season in the big city. 

Happy Hanukkah from Ozzie

A green-eyed beauty—Ozzie looks like a work of art posing behind a toy menorah. 

Fashion and Fun

Could Winnie have any more holiday cheer? The Havanese and shih tzu mix is not only sporting a menorah necklace and dreidel hair bow—but she's also ready to play with her adorable Hanukkah-themed dog toys. 

Picture Perfect Hanukkah

Charlie Bear is posed so perfectly in front of the menorah—it's hard to tell if he's even real! The precious toy poodle is clearly ready for the Hanukkah celebrations to begin—just look at that smile. 

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