Here Are the Most Popular Dog Names of 2022


Here Are the Most Popular Dog Names of 2022

Rover released its annual list of the most popular names in its database, and we finally have a change at the top. By Austin Cannon November 15, 2022 Advertisement Pin FB More Tweet Email Send Text Message Print two kids pulling a dog in a red wagon; best dog names of 2022
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Rover's 2022 Top Dog Names list is out, and we finally have some change at the top. 

After 10 years, Luna has at long last overtaken Bella as the most popular female dog name for the year. Bella had held the crown since 2012, when Rover first started determining the most popular names in its database of millions of pets.

It's more of a snoozer on the male side, where Max retained the No. 1 spot for the 10th year in a row. I will, however, need someone to explain where most of the names on the 10 most "trending" list come from. 

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Onto the lists:  

Top 10 Female Dog Names of 2022

Luna has been on quite the odyssey to claim the top step on the podium of female names. Back in 2013, Luna ranked 20th, according to Rover. By 2018, Luna was second, and she finally made the jump to first this year. 

Daisy leapt from fourth up to third this year, switching spots with Lucy. Lily exchanged positions with Zoe, moving from sixth to fifth. 

  1. Luna
  2. Bella
  3. Daisy
  4. Lucy
  5. Lily
  6. Zoe
  7. Lola
  8. Sadie
  9. Bailey
  10. Stella

Top 10 Male Dog Names of 2022

I'm not saying Max isn't a good boy dog name, but there are millions of others. Wouldn't it be nice to see another name in the top spot for once? Maybe it's Charlie's turn in 2023 after he was yet again in the No. 2 spot for 2022. 

Cooper returned to the No. 3 spot one year after falling completely out of the top 10—quite the comeback.

  1. Max
  2. Charlie
  3. Cooper
  4. Milo
  5. Buddy
  6. Rocky
  7. Bear
  8. Teddy
  9. Duke
  10. Leo

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Top 10 Trending Dog Names 2022

I asked the only young person I know—my to-be sister-in-law who's a sophomore in college—about Fezco, a character on Euphoria. I'm told he's a drug dealer with a heart of gold who's also funny. Fair enough. 

The only other name I recognized on this list is Mirabel, the protagonist in Disney's Encanto, which rules. People are also naming their dogs Mommy. 

  1. Fezco
  2. Cassini
  3. Mossberg
  4. Mirabel
  5. Kyna
  6. Mommy
  7. Monka
  8. Tohru
  9. Frederico
  10. Beige

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Pandemic Names Trend Downward, Musicians See Increases

Perhaps realizing they don't want to envision one of the worst crises in human history every time they called their dog, people have pumped the brakes on naming their pups after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The frequency of the name Covid has dropped 85 percent while Rona and Fauci dropped 27 percent and 55 percent. The name Pfizer, meanwhile, has seen a 185-percent increase. 

Popular musicians saw their namesakes prosper this year, too, including Bieber (up 185 percent), Spears (135 percent), Jlo (115 percent), Doja Cat (85 percent), Jimin (35 percent), and Styles (25 percent). The Rover report has plenty more details in it, but I'll leave you with one of the more random findings: The top trending dog name for goldendoodles in 2022 was Kimchi.

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