18 Adorable Pictures of French Bulldogs To Put a Smile on Your Face


18 Adorable Pictures of French Bulldogs To Put a Smile on Your Face

You gotta love these goofy little balls of energy! Sam Saunion and her dog, Cleo
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french bulldog puppy in stroller Credit: Somkiat / Adobe Stock

There are so many reasons we love French bulldogs! They have goofy personalities, they crave all the love and attention we like to give, and their pint-sized nature make them the perfect on the go companions. Notorious for taking naps just about anywhere, these lil' comedians will keep you smiling day after day. And it doesn't take much to keep these easygoing pups entertained, too! Just give them a good plush toy—and of course some of their favorite treats—and they're one happy camper. 

While Frenchies are incredibly popular and lovable companions—owning one of these breeds usually means plenty of visits to the veterinarian. If you're considering adding a French bulldog to your family be warned they are a brachycephalic breed, which means they can have trouble breathing and are susceptible to gagging and regurgitation, exercise intolerance, and obesity.

If you're having a bad day or just need a reason to smile, here are 18 pictures of French bulldogs snuggling, smiling, and sporting their best costumes.

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Sleep, Slay, Repeat

Only @Bteam_frenchies can wake up from a nap and still be the most stylish dog we've ever seen. I need some fashion tips from this doll ASAP.

Stop and Smell the Flowers

I can't tell which view is more beautiful … @harleyishandsome or the garden. Just kidding, Harley is one of the most beautiful Frenchies we've ever seen! If your dog loves sniffing flowers too, brush up on dog-safe plants, shrubs, and trees.

Beep Beep!

Get in loser, we're going shopping for treats! @Kiwi_snuggles is the cutest chauffeur ever.

The Perfect Cuddle Buddies

Something about dogs and cats cuddling just makes me tear up every.damn.time. @frenchbabylilo looks like the best fur sibling!

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Zinnia Frenchie

How do you grow a Frenchie? A little bit of water, some sun, lots of treats, and a bunch of hugs and kisses!


This photo is transporting me to Disney World, and I'm totally here for it. @Extra.ordinlarry we'd share a delicious Dole Whip treat with you any day!

Triceratops Frenchie

Sorry for the mix-up. This is supposed to be an article about cute French bulldogs. This is clearly a Triceratops. Don't know how this photo snuck in here.


Run for your lives! Joy the shark will smother you with cuteness and kisses! If you love dogs dressed as sharks, you should check out these hilarious aquarium pups.

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Cute Times Two

@kash.and.kyng_frenchies are clearly ready for their business meeting about how they deserve more treats and walks. Here are the best treats for training your dog, according to a professional dog trainer.

Passion for Fashion

Can someone get me the number for these dogs' stylist?! I need to look as fly as they do when I go out for happy hour.

Party Animal

@loganouioui is clearly the life of the party. I mean, that face just screams "Let's dance all night long!"

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The Best Stick

All dogs say they have the best stick … and none of them are wrong. Congrats on your epic stick score @bulldogbuddha2020!

All Wrapped up With a Bow

According to Regina George from Mean Girls, we should only wear pink on Wednesdays. But @Allorathefrenchie is so darn cute in her little bow that we'll let her wear pink all day every day.

Sweet Potato

Dogs are actually a lot like sweet potatoes if you think about it. Both are squishy, the perfect size, and sweet in the best way!

Bones at the Beach

@dilla_frenchie is having the PERFECT beach day, and I'm sitting at my desk. Not saying I'm totally jealous of a dog … but I'm jealous of a dog. You deserve all the bones and sun Dilla!

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Tongue’s Out, Sun’s Out

@thegrrreatbambino is clearly living his best life on his walk. There's so many adventures to be had buddy!

Catching Some Rays

Do not disturb, too busy tanning and being too adorable for words. Don't forget the doggy sunscreen @mr.clarkey!

Put Your Game Face On

french bulldog
french bulldog


If being super cute and squishy got you any points in soccer, @loui_frenchbully would definitely be making all the goals.

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