Keep Them Smelling Fresh: Introducing N4P’s Super Refreshing Pet Deodorant Spray


Does your furry friend sometimes work up a not-so-fresh funk? N4P has the solution with our new Super Refreshing Deodorant Spray. Formulated just for pets, this plant-based formula eliminates odors naturally.
Our deodorant starts with refreshing botanical extracts like lemongrass, citrus, and mint. These ingredients provide a pleasant scent while neutralizing unpleasant pet odors. We avoid harsh chemicals, instead relying on natural enzymes to break down the compounds that cause stinky pet smells. The spray applicator makes it easy to target specific areas in need of deodorizing.
Pet owners can use Super Refreshing Deodorant Spray between baths for quick touch-ups. For dogs, focus on paws, bedding, and accident spots. For cats, target the litter box area, beds, and scratching posts. The gentle formula is safe if licked, so no need to worry while cuddling your clean-smelling companion.
At our N4P facilities, we manufacture the deodorant spray in small batches to ensure freshness. Our quality control team thoroughly tests each formula to provide a consistent, high-quality product. We use recyclable and reusable materials for minimal environmental impact.
Give your pets and home a breath of fresh air with N4P’s Super Refreshing Deodorant Spray. Our all-natural odor elimination and plant-powered scents will have them smelling cleaner than ever. For happy pets and happier owners, choose the refreshing power of our pet deodorizer.

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